Winners 2016

Check out the 14 projects’ description :


3Digify offers affordable 3D scans aimed at museums, e-commerce and freelancers with an online sharing option.


Akknatek's innovative methodology optimizes a patient’s sight, that is affected by a cataract, thanks to the implantation of an ocular lentil. 



Die Alltagsbegleiter offers a daily accompaniment service tailored to the needs of people be they young, elderly, with or without handicap, alone or within a family.


Ambiverse conceived intelligent solutions automatically understanding suggested texts and writing intelligent content.


CowHow developed a medical diagnostic system aimed at milk cows to enable productivity gains for farmers.


FlexImpulse is a Belgian spin-off that managed a technological advance by conceptualizing an electrical micro-motor enabling higher yields, compact designs and higher powers. 


Gig&Go is the first international and free event booking platform that is making use of big data and artificial intelligence.


Healthcast is a health application that enables families to enhance their healthcare management thanks to scientific data analysis and medically approved advice.


Hytchers allows e-commerce vendors to send out their packages thanks to a gas station network. The commuters and other occasional deliverers spot the packages via the app and carry them in exchange of prepaid gas cards.


Levato works towards adult education to the digital world via simple and playful videos that act as high quality instruction manuals. 


Matoi developed an app that is linked to a wooden construction game and that generates useful statistics with a pedagogical and therapeutic purpose. 


M.O.S.E.S. offers a software allowing developers to analyze a website’s usability in order to improve it.


nanoDMS works towards a new generation of strain gauges that are essential for all power and pressure sensor and that will be a thousand times more sensitive than the current norm. 


OrgaMime is a young startup offering microGUT, a revolutionary platform reproducing our gastrointestinal system with the aim of evaluating the impact of our bacteria on our health.